Skip the takeoff.
Review instead!

Takeoffs can take 25-38% of the estimation process. Auto-generate the BOM instead

Fastest way to get a takeoff completed

Save Time

It may take a person minutes to hours doing the takeoff.  We use technology to our advantage and we are able to get the takeoff completed in minute. 

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More Accurate Results

Our counts are as accurate as a standard estimator, so by reviewing the results you are ensuring that the accuracy is consistently above any single estimator.

Communicate Better

Gain a competitive edge by making sure you and your partners are on the same page before the tender closes.

What's Involved?

Send us the tender drawings by email or add us to the automated mailing list, then we send you the results… It’s that easy. 

Unsure about trusting the result?  Send us an old project to see how we do.  That way there is no risk and you get to see what the process is like.

Send us your tender drawings

Send us your drawings how you would normally send drawings.

We scan them

Drawings go in and marked up drawings come out.

They are sent back to you.

They will be emailed to your preferred email account.

It's that simple.

Recognize these symbols?

Our software does too! Send us your tender documents and our software will scan them to find and highlight these symbols automatically.


Pricing is based on a flat monthly subscription which is based on the number of projects you submit.  Only want three component to be automatically counted for 20 projects, perfect!  Let’s say you grow and now quote additional components… Easy, change your setting and your good to go.  Only use what you find helpful, we have pricing for that.

Frequently Asked Questions