ML Estimation Features & Tools
This page illustrates all the features included on the website


Components, Tags & Labels

The components of each architectural drawing, as well as the tags & labels associated with them, are highlighted as colourful squares by our machine learning algorithm. These components, tags and labels can be differentiated based on the color assigned to each square. Each square can be resized, moved, or deleted. The user may edit a component, tag or label by right clicking on it, or create a new component, tag or label by right clicking on the drawing directly. Adding, editing, or deleting components will update the BOM, allowing the user to ensure the accuracy of this BOM. When creating a new tag or label, the user will go through a process of linking the tag/label to its associated component(s). After completing this process, the links will be drawn to visually show the connection.


Create a Custom BOM

Under tools, the user can create a custom BOM for a specific zone of the architectural drawing by clicking New BOM and highlighting the specific zone required. Once a custom BOM is created, the user may select the custom created BOM to view a list of components found within the specific zone identified in the custom BOM, or they may select Page BOM to display the BOM for the entire drawing.

Page Reference Tool (Coming Soon!)

This tool is used when one page in the architectural drawing is referring to another page. The user draws a square encompassing the text that refers to the other page in the project. Optical character recognition is used to read the text in the box. Once the user has confirmed the accuracy of the text, the box becomes a hyperlink to the referred page.

Measure Component Tool

This tool allows the user to enter the page scale into the Measure Component field. By adding this information, the size of each component can be automatically measured based on the dimension of each coloured box. All component measurements are saved into the downloaded BOM.

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